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BIO203 Lates Mid Term Solved Paper

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    1.In rt pcr__binds to specific target to produce fluroscence
    2.Which PCR technique is used for large genomes.
    3.In which Pcr technique,only one pair of orginal DNA is focused.
    4.Which technique of pcr is used for finger printing
    5.In which pcr technique clone genes are amplified
    6.Allele specific pcr is used to amplify____
    7.How many numbrs of bp are used in amplification
    8.Palogentics term is used in which type of pcr.
    9.DNA is digested in which type of pcr
    10.During denaturation temperatuure is kept b/w______
    11.In nested pcr,how many pairs are used
    12.Multiplex pcr targeted many sequences at__ONCE_____
    What is methylation PCR..? 2
    Write the names of chemical reagents used in pcr and the reason of their use (5)
    Difference between the methodology and applications of aflp pcr and allele specific pcr (5)
    Steps of ligation mediated pcr (3)
    Principle of qrt pcr (3)
    First step of rt pcr (2)

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