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HRM 617 mid term solved papers

HRM 617 mid term solved papers

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1.five basic skills needed in learning

2.role of customers in customer model

3.elaborate transfer of training

4.what is pedagogy
1.which theory explains the concept of reward and punishment?

2.why fan type seating arrangement is better than class room type ?

3.discuss the discripencies of Krikpatrick evaluation crieteria

4.boot camp of trilogy

5.what refers carrier staffing topology? ans;supply flow and assignment flow

6.what was the aim of solomans ash experiment


Q:discuess the relationship of external to internal conditions for different learning outcomes.

Q:identify the five basic factors that influence employees performance and learning?

Q:why needs ssessment is important for successful training program?

Q:what are the min components of n action plan?

Qbeing  manager how you cn improve self efficancy of your employees?give 3 points.


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HRM617 – Training and Development # 1

HRM617 Graded Discussion Board No. 1


Topic: Training needs assessment Few years back, a leather products manufacturing company decided to increase its production staff by about 40 employees. The management wanted to get these new hires up working at same pace of current employees as soon as possible. For this purpose, they called an external consultant, to assist in the development of an appropriate training package. On arrival at the company, the consultant came to know that the HR department had already decided that the training should consist of formal learning processes through a series of lectures and seminars. In a meeting with the top management of the company, the consultant proposed to conduct a training need analysis (TNA) before deciding to use a particular type of training. The management was initially reluctant to conduct a TNA because it would be a time consuming activity and they wanted to get the training set up as soon as possible. However, finally the consultant was able to convince them. The results of training need assessment showed that required learning could be achieved without any formal training. As an alternative, it suggested that it would be more appropriate to provide job aids (task specific job instructions) and extra self-help information to the new hires.


Requirement: Analyze the benefits company can gain by using the results of training need assessment (TNA)? Discuss its impact on the budget of training.

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