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Cs709 mid term solved papers

Cs709 mid term solved papers

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Q1 – wp((x:= x+1; y := y+1), x = y) – 5 marks

Q2 – p!=q=p=r – (logically equivalent) – 5 marks
Q3 – pre and post conditions of stack class peek() (its function given as an example) – 5 marks
Q4 – pre and post conditions of giving functions hashTable() and hashFunction() – 30 marks


Three questions of 5 marks
One question of 15 marks
There were 60 minute to solve the paper
Questions were from the topics given below


3 quetions write pre condtion post condtions. Scenarios were given one was for stack class, 2nd a loop structur n 3 rd one i forgot.

4 th questn was a expression was given to simplyfy. Do prepare pre n post conditions lectrs n how to write then your exam will be excellent.


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